Flower Care

Upon receipt remove any cellophane packaging. If your bouquet is aqua packed hold the water bubble over the sink, snip the base and allow the water to drain out. The bubble keeps the flowers hydrated during transportation but cannot sustain certain flowers for extended periods.

If you do choose to leave your flowers in your aqua pack make sure you top the water up daily. If the flowers start to flop remove the packaging immediately and follow the remaining instructions.

  • If you want to retain the shape of your bouquet keep the binding round your flowers, remove if you wish to arrange the flowers yourself.
  • Fill a clean vase three quarters full with lukewarm water and add your flower food as directed on the sachet. Do not be tempted to use the flower food in a higher concentration than recommended, this can have a detrimental effect on your flowers.
  • Cut your flowers with a sharp knife or sharp scissors at a 45 degree angle taking at least 3cm (1 inch) off each stem and place the flowers straight into a vase. Do not smash the stems, this destroys the water vessels and reduces water intake. Do not leave your flowers out of water once cut, flower stems can re-seal in a matter of minutes.
  • If you have left your flowers bound but you wish them to spread out to fill the vase lift them up slightly without removing them from the water and snip the binding and let the flowers go.
  • Make sure there are no leaves lying below the water, these contaminate the water and harm your flowers.
  • Place your flowers in a cool position away from heating or cooling vents and appliances, direct sunlight, drafts and ripening fruit.
  • If you have excess flower food change the water every couple of days, if not keep topping your vase up daily. Re-cut your stems every couple of days to ensure they keep absorbing water.
  • Remove any dying flowers, leaving them in your display will affect the life of your remaining blooms.
  • Take care when handling lilies, their pollen can stain clothing and furnishings. In case of contact dab off with cello tape, do not try to remove with water.
  • Keep cut flowers, flower food and vases our of reach of children and pets. Some flowers are poisonous.


Keep the arrangement fresh by adding water to the Oasis daily. Do not let the Oasis dry out completely but be careful not to let it become water logged.


Treat as cut flowers above ensuring they are placed in deep water.

  • If your roses flop at the neck after a couple of days they are almost certainly having trouble drinking water due to an airlock within the stem.
  • To recover your roses, fill a bucket deep with water. Using a very sharp pair of scissors re-cut your roses in the water keeping the stems at the bottom of the bucket (sorry - wet hands are unavoidable). Take at least two inches off each stem and leave the roses in the deep water for an hour or so until the heads recover. Sound odd but this usually does work - the water pressure at the bottom of the bucket draws the airlock out of the stem and the water depth allows the stem to draw water up to the head.


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